Legal mailing lists and effective e-mail campaigns should be a valuable aspect of your marketing plan.

Profitability in business is all about creating loyal customers and driving repeat sales. Part of that strategy should be a full-featured scalable outbound email management solution that offers comprehensive tools for planning, targeting and executing high-volume customer service and direct marketing campaigns. Target the right message to the right person determining who to communicate with, what to communicate, and when to communicate is the key to effective email campaigns.

Build complete customer profiles by importing data from your existing customer database, and from forms and surveys. Use sophisticated targeting against these profiles to segment customer information.

Respecting consumer privacy should be one of your utmost concerns. Using sophisticated opt-in/opt-out tools helps prevent you from sending unsolicited emails. Instantly updating customer membership information and delivering one-to-one messages to your subscriber base helps your marketing efforts achieve the best results over time.

Incorporating HTML, pictures, animations, attachments, and more, increases the effectiveness of every email and helps to ensure the highest return on your email campaigns. Your email solutions should be structured so that you can analyze the results of each mailing; results such as when the subscriber opens the email, if they clicked through to your website, and what elements in your mailing provided the most click-throughs are important. Your solution should also handle undeliverable and bounced emails, and allow for notification of unsubscribes.

There is definitely more to consider when launching an email campaign - call CT Design Online and let us put our expertise to work for you!