Once you've got your website online, you need to maintain it by updating it with new content from time to time.

Your web site should be an integral part of your business plan; it may very well be the first view your visitors have of your business. You should update and maintain your website regularly so visitors will want to revisit and keep doing business with you.

There are basically two routes you can go when it comes to updating your site content.

Maintenance Contract

We can help you handle the maintenance involved in owning your own website. Send us your updates and we do them for you! This is the best option for clients who:

  1)  are too busy to do their own site updates
  2)  are not computer savvy
  3)  wouldn't feel comfortable doing updates
  4)  do not want to invest in web authoring software

Do It Yourself

We also have many clients who want to be able to update content without having to call or email us. We can develop your site so that updates for general content are possible. Tell us what you want to do and we'll come up with the best plan to suit your needs.